Sponsor the weekly Kiddush in honor of a birthday, anniversary, yartzeit or other special occasion.

Sponsorships vary from $180-$500 or more, we can also connect you with local caterers for larger simchas. For more details or to check availability for your choice date, please email [email protected]


Some Kiddush choices, menu options & ideas

For more info or to reserve a Shabbat please email us

Please note, the prices listed are for a sponsored kiddush for the shul (40-50 ppl). If you are inviting many guests for your kiddush, please call us to adjust prices per person.  

Simple Spread $180
Hot cholent
Crackers, chips, chumus & olives
1 choice salad
1 assorted pastries or fruit
Crackers chips and olives
Grape juice & drinks

Shabbos Spread $250
Hot cholent
Assorted Crackers, chips, olives & pickles
3 choice salads
2 choice dips
1 vegetable platter
1 platter assorted deli meat or smoked salmon
1 assorted pastries
1 medium fruit platter
Sliced challah/ deli rolls
Grape juice & Drinks

Extra special Kiddush $360
Hot Cholent
Assorted crackers, chips, corn chip, salsa
4 choice salads
2 choice dips
2 vegetable platters
pickles - olives - hot peppers
2 platters of assorted pastry
1 medium fruit platter
2 elegant platters deli meat or smoked salmon
Assorted bagels, rolls & pita
Grape juice & drinks

One-of-a-kind Kiddush $500
Hot Cholent
5 choice salads
4 choice dips
Assorted crackers, variety of multi flavoured healthy chips, salsa, olives, pickles
2 vegetable platters
1 personalized cake
2 assorted pastries
1 large fruit platter
3 beautiful platters of deli meat or smoked salmon or mixed fish (gefilte, smoked salmon, imitation crab, smoked fish)
2 large Hamotzi challah
2 assorted platters or bagels, challah rolls, pita, sliced bread

Salads to chose (with homemade dressing)
Chunky Israeli salad
Tropical Fruit salad
Pareve Caesar salad
Fresh Garden salad
Italian pasta salad
Garlic mayo pasta salad
Rainbow Quinoa with fresh parsley
Classic Potato salad
Tuna salad
Egg salad
Chickpea salad

Dips to chose: Pesto
Olive dip
Spinach olive dip
Tahini dip
Tofutti cream cheese