Community Services


Chabad of Centrepointe and A Ripple Effect (youth supporting children affected by disability, illness or loss) are dedicated to continue supporting vulnerable members of our community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.



Teen Support


Using Zoom technology our volunteer teens check in weekly with their buddies. For one hour they provide loving entertainment; they read books together, do crafts or simply chat.


Shopping for the Vulnerable

With all of the risks associated with COVID-19, with just 24 hours notice our dedicated volunteers will do your grocery and pharmacy shopping and delivery. With the back log of companies like Instacart and Click and Collect this service has been a necessity for many members of our community.


Hot Catered Dinners

Chabad is delivering over 150 hot meals a week. Vulnerable community members are uplifted by these acts of kindness. These lovingly prepared nutritional meals are perfect for our seniors and our overwhelmed moms and dads.


Passover Necessities


Contemplating a Passover Seder in isolation can lead to anxiety. We will be home delivering over 150 Seders to go. They will include a delicious meal, Shmurah Matzah, grape juice, a seder plate and a Haggadah.



Passover Home Cleaning


With the children at home, and without the extra support, our Ripple Effect parents cannot find the time or mental space to clean for Passover. We are providing a full day of maid service to provide this much needed assistance.



Tablet and Toy Drive


All of our Ripple effect children are eligible to receive a free brand new tablet and other toys. We are hoping to deliver at least thirty tablets. This gift offers relief to parents who are looking for methods to entertain their children



Daily Calls

With a roster of over 30 volunteers every senior and vulnerable member of our community is receiving a phone call. These phone conversations are cultivating meaningful friendships and allowing all to know that they are not forgotten.


Financial Support

Eligible families will be receiving financial grants during this challenging period. Many of our Ripple Effect families have been barely managing to pay the bills before this crisis hit. They are now desperate.


Online Classes 


Delivering online classes on topics related to faith, happiness and meaning during these challenging times given by Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn and virtual Passover cooking demonstrations by Bassy as well as private classes via the phone or the computer.



Online lectures and Entertainment

After Passover we will be offering lectures from professional therapists and counselors to offer mental and emotional support to our Ripple Effect parents. In addition, we will be providing regular online entertainment for our precious Ripple Effect children.


Please help support our emergency relief and put a smile on the faces of those who need it most.


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