One of the greatest and simplest ways of connecting to G‑d, and reconnecting with our Jewish spark inside, is by learning Torah.

Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn offers deep and inspirational classes each week on a variety of topics.


MONDAYS - Parsha Class

The ancient texts of the Torah are not so ancient, each story and word is packed meaning and relevance for our daily lives.


WEDNESDAYS - Talmud for beginners

 Delve into the text. Explore the commentaries. Challenge your mind. Discover how Talmudic teachings have practical relevance in your life today. 

Join Rabbi Mendelsohn, at 8 pm, 23 Palisade Street for the weekly #soulboost that you so richly deserve.


More info call or text Rabbi Chaim Mendelsohn 613-218-8505 or