Schedule of Services 

Save a Seat! High Holidays are coming!


Rosh Hashana location: The Ottawa Archives Building 100 Tallwood Dr | Sep 29-Oct1

Yom Kippur location: Meridian Centrepointe Studio Lower Theatre |

101 Centrepointe Dr | Oct 8-9


Rosh Hashanah Eve

Sunday, September 29

6:29 pm Candle Lighting  

6:30 pm Services

7:00 pm Rosh Hashanah

Community Dinner


(2nd Night Sep 30 Candle Lighting after 7:29 pm) 


Rosh Hashanah

Monday & Tuesday, September 30 & October 1

9:30 Morning Services

11:00 Children’s Program

11:30 Shofar Sounding


Holiday Ends 7:27 pm 


Yom Kippur Eve

Tuesday, October 8

6:12 pm Candle Lighting 

6:30 Kol Nidrei


Yom Kippur Day

Wednesday, October 9 

8:30 Morning Services

11:00 Children’s Program

12:00 Yizkor Memorial Service

5:15pm  Mincha/Neila Closing

Yom Kippur ends at 7:12pm

Services Followed by a Buffet Break-Fast


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