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Rabbi Berger Torah

Rabbi Berger Torah


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לע״נ הרה״ח השליח ר׳ מרדכי יוסף שמעון בן ירחמיאל מנחם ז״ל


Rabbi Berger, an inspiration and guide to many... 


We thank you for your participation in the writing of Rabbi Mordechai Berger’s Sefer Torah. 

May his soul be an everlasting, eternal source of comfort and strength for all of us.



Please choose from the following dedication opportunities below:  

Sefer Torah Crown - $10,000.00 

Sefer/Book - $5,000.00

(Bereishis, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, Devarim)

Sedra/Weekly Torah Portion - $1,000.00

Perek/Chapter - $500.00

Torah Verse - $180.00

Word in the Torah - $100.00

Letter in the Torah - $36.00

Other Dedication 

 Thank you to all those that have donated thus far!  We are at the very end of the campaign!  Please join in this beautiful mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah.

Writing & Dedicating a Sefer Torah 

Please fill out your dedication and payment information below or email 


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Payment Methods:


Cheque   (Please mail to: Chabad of Centrepointe 23 Palisade St Ottawa K2G 5M6)

*Please write on envelope 'for Rabbi Berger's Sefer Torah' and email us at 


Credit card      Card Type MCVisa  Amount to charge $ 


Name on Card   

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Expiration Date 010203040506070809101112  20142015201620172018



Special requests or comments 

Thank you for joining us in writing this Torah in memory of Rabbi Mordechai Berger, z"l



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