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Holiday Events

Holiday Events

Experience the Jewish Holidays a whole new way



Holidays with Chabad of Centrepointe


*Join our warm community Seder*
Buy Matzah...
Sell your Chametz (visit to understand...)
Passover Assistant...
Kids Site...
Recips & much more!
Reserve for a Holiday Celebration here!
Join a Passover Seder with Chabad of Centrepointe for a meaningful and memorable experience. Gourmet catered dinner, handmade shmurah matza, exquisite kosher wine & wonderful Passover inspiration.
Come experience Passover like never before.
Live @ Chabad!
Simchat Torah Celebration Thurs Oct 20 6:45 pm!
Virtually everything you need to know about the holiday of Sukkot: How-To Guides, Sukkah and “Four Kinds” Wizards, Essays and Insights, Recipes, Stories, Multimedia, and much more!
Festival of Freedom
April 3-11, 2015
Please visit here for Seder, information,
links, schedule, recipes, and inspiration.
This Shavuot...Join
*The Cheesecake Factory
& *Ice Cream Parlour
at Chabad of Centrepointe!
Sun, May 24 11:00 am
Sleepless in Centrepointe!
May 23 11:00 PM
Join for a late night learning in honour of Shavuot, with Rabbi Mendelsohn.
You won't regret this!